Advise, tips & tricks

* When connecting to the wheelchair frame, make sure the connector clams alaig in the right angle and connect as high as possible on the frame. 

* If You have thin frame tubing, please change the clamping screws to the six shourter ones that are supplied. 

* Do not forget to lock the safety screw (orange) before take off. The Sherpa will not start otherwise.

* To  turn on the power after some rest you have to start the battery by pushing the arrow beide the indicators on top of the battery. then You push mode on the control of the handle bar to start. 

* Please remember that the battery will discharge faster in the end than in the start (when fully charged). Check the battery status by pressing the arrow on top of the battery.

* Don’t worry if you see that the battery indicator (on the battery) ony shows 20% after charging. This is only an indicator that the battery is turned on. To see the real power left, press the arrow on top of the battery.

* If possible, bring a spare battery that is fully charged. Also try to change the battery so that they are charged the same amount of times. 

* Learn how to drive! You might experience that the driving wheel will spin if starting to fast, on grovel, uphill etc. this is because there is less weight on the driving wheel than the wheelchair.  Start slowly and increase the speed. You might also have to lean forward to add weight on the driving wheel (if you have working abdominance and balance to do so). Practice, practice and practice!

* The heavier You and your wheelchair is, You might experience that the chair will ” ise” the front wheels when braking. Do not worry, the safety screw will only let the chair rise a few centimeters. the reason for the rising action is that your body weight and your chair will try to continue running forward when the Sherpa brakes and want to stop.  You can avoid this by pressing the handlebar against yourself and downwards when braking. Also try to plan your driving as good as possible. Once again - Practice, practice and practice!

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