”I was always a passionate fisherman and loved to go for photography in the nature. After my last injury I haven’t been able to take on the challanges and promote my life style. 

I asked a friend to construct a machine that worked with my manual wheelchair and that could breing me back to the places that now seamed impossible to reach.

The result is the Mudskipper. I whished I could, now I can." 

Mats Laveborn

The new Goliat Mudskipper will take You to the adventures You believed to be impossible. Go to the beach, up the snowy hills, on the hunting and fishing trips, all in your own manual wheelchair. It gives You never ending opportunities.

A Mudskipper fits in most car trunks with a weight of less than 25 kg (without battery). The adjustable width makes it usable for almost any manual wheelchair. The strong motors in marine quality and the specially designed kevlar tracks makes every journey possible. We are continuously developing new accessories that will make your Mudskipper the ultimate choice for your daily adventures. 

The Mudskipper is made in Kalmar, Sweden.

Mudskipper is sold all over Europe, please contact us for more information




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