e-Throne is a the most flexible foldable power chair that You can bring on the air craft and in the car.
With its max user weight of 150 kg it is probably the sturdiest foldable electric on the market.
e-Throne weights only 26-28kg (depending on size) without battery, a 24V 15Ah LiFePO4
that takes You on rides up to 25-30 km on one charge.
For approved flights we also can provide a 10Ah battery.

Seat and back are adjustable so you can use your favorite cushion for maximum comfort.
The back rest is also adjustable in 5 different angles.

Two widths plus extension is available.

W-S-N e-Throne Frames

We sell e-Throne to the following countries: Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia,
Poland, Portugal and Germany.

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