One year warranty, for production fault. For all products: 

All movable parts in the system has to be kept clean.                                                                                           

Do not use a high pressure cleaner and avoid pooringwater on electrical parts .

Use the products in the appropriate environment and do not expose them for external violence.                                                                                                                           

Use the products so that you do not risk running into other people, animals or objects.

Control all lose parts and tighten before take off.                   

If you use the product as not intended to, You as a customer is responsible for any cost for repairment, shipping etc. 

Customer is fully responsible for their products and eventual parts that are mounted on them. The warranty fails if the product is modufied or if You use any non original part.          

Markings, stamps, lables etc that have an origin from the factory must not be removed for the warranty to work. 

For all warranty issues a copy of the purchase receipt or invoice along with product serial number must be attached. 

For more information about prices and delivery, please contact us.

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