No more limits!

Lighter and stronger - We produce and distribute aids that You can bring when You travel, in the car or on the plane, aids that take you to to places You forgot about..

The new Goliat Mudskipper will take You on the adventures You believed to be impossible. Go to the beach, up the snowy hills, on the hunting and fishing trips, all in your own manual wheelchair. Made in Sweden and launched in Q1 2017. 

Sherpa is the add on e-bike for your manual wheelchair. You can easily bring it in the car and on the air craft. 
Sherpa is available right now and we sell it in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. If You live enywhere else, just ask us. In stock now!

e-Throne is the ultimate travel companion if You need a power chair. With a weight of only 26 kg and foldable in a couple of seconds You can bring it anywhere. In stock now!

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